5 Gifts You Need to Get Your Mom for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! Today is all about celebrating the hardest working and inspirational mom’s out there. It’s important to show appreciation to those who cry, laugh, and smile with us every single day. Mother’s are often under appreciated for everything that they do. They put their whole families needs above their own, and we think that this selfless life that every mom embodies deserves to be celebrated (more than once a year in our opinion). That’s why we’ve curated a list of 5 brands that make great gift options for the most important female figure in our lives.

amped & co mother's day giveaway

Amped & Co

If your mom is into home decor or looking for that special something to make that room pop, we’ve got a gift option for you. Amped & Co® offers a selection of trendy neon signs for the home. Anything from cacti, flamingo’s, to inspirational words, they’ve got a great selection of wall and desktop neon signs. Did you like the “I Love You Mom” sign in our latest post on Facebook and Instagram? That’s Amped & Co’s infamous My Cinema Lightbox® – their recognized line of LED marquee lightboxes – across the globe. Great for leaving cute messages for your mom before she takes on her day!

serpani mothers day giveaway


Is your mom in search of a new bag? Looking for a combination of functional and fashion forward? Sherpani is a product leader in lifestyle bags for women. Their backpacks, purses & totes are inspired by modern, alpine culture, we are focused on creating unique designs, with smart features; using high quality materials. They have collections that are mindful of the planet, including their Essentials Collection that uses recycled nylon fabric to reduce waste and conserve resources. Their Tokyo Ethos Collection is made from 100% paper – is 100% biodegradable and water resistant.

corso mothers day gift


Is your mom always on the go? Is she a busy professional that has her schedule planned to the minute? She probably needs a notebook that can help organize her thoughts, meetings and life. Corso produces premium notebooks, that have been made in collaboration with top designers, professional organizations and talented craftsmen. Their notebooks are made to not only increase productivity but also happiness. Each page has a daily inspirational quote and gratitude practice section that allows your to self reflect on what you’ll be grateful for that day. I know we’re grateful for our mother’s!

 sunglass LA mothers day gift

Sunglass LA

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, look no further than Sunglass.LA. With hundreds of styles, shapes, colours, and accessories to choose from, they have an option for any style and any woman. Mom’s deserve more than just flowers, so give her a gift that will let her shine like the glamorous and confident woman she is. As an outlet for positivity and individuality, Sunglass.LA aims to inspire and empower others, just like moms! 

sock club mothers day gift

Sock Club

Everyone needs socks. Plus, socks that have cute designs, patterns and messages will definitely put a smile on any mother’s face this year. Sock Club is a monthly sock subscription service delivering fresh, modern classic designs to you (or your mom) with a personalized gift message. All of their socks are designed in Austin, TX and made in North Carolina. Sock Club makes a great Mother’s Day gift because it is practical, thoughtful, and allows you to write a special note each month in the gift message. 

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