6 Brands You Need For Your New Year Style

New year, new me. You know how the expression goes. For some it’s to live a healthier lifestyle, becoming a friendlier person, to wanting to change your style. If you’re looking to add a few new brands to your style in 2018, we’ve got a few recommendations that’ll keep your style on point and save you money. We call it a win-win.

mugsy jeans new year style lifestyle

Mugsy Jeans

Long gone are the days of rigid, restrictive, and uncomfortable denim. That’s why we were excited to partner with Mugsy Jeans. They offer stylish, stretch denim that also feels like you’re wearing sweatpants. Look good, feel good, It’s a win-win. The magic is in Mugsy’s high-tech fabric construction that allows for ease of motion and superior comfort.

Sounds too good to be true? That’s not the best part. Mugsy’s come in two fits (slim and athletic) at an affordable $98 pricetag and a hassle-free free returns & exchange policy. Give them a try!

dazi new year style


Whether you’re starting a new job in the new year or looking to up your office style, incorporating a necktie into the mix is a great way to show some sophistication. Look good, feel good, do good. The brand DAZI offers a wide array of ties, bow ties, tie bars, and pocket squares. With patterns ranging from classic colours, to floral patterns, they have a neck piece for every personality and wardrobe.

say it with a sock new year style

Say It With A Sock

Want to keep your feet warm and stylish for the whole year? We’ve found a solution. Say it with a Sock is a sock of the month club that sends out high quality pairs of super fun socks to your door step. Sock subscriptions start as low as $11.99 per month with a happiness guarantee. What’s a happiness guarantee you ask? It means that if you don’t like your socks, no stress – they will send you a free replacement pair in your next month’s shipment. That makes us happy!

becket simonon new year style lifestyle

Beckett Simonon

Looking high quality leather goods for your 2018 style make over? Look no further. Beckett Simonon is a made-to-order menswear company specializing in high quality shoes and bags at prices that won’t break the bank. What makes them unique is that each month they offer small curated collections of classic leather goods called “campaigns“. When a campaign ends at the end of the month, they only work on what is ordered. This means no inventory, unsold items, or overhead that usually cost traditional retailers a fortune. Cutting out the middleman and other unnecessary expenses, Beckett Simonon is able to offer affordable prices to you, the consumer. We call that a win.

mission belt new year style lifestyle

Mission Belts

New year, new you. Many of us began 2018 with the intention to live a healthier, more meaningful life. For some of us, we’ll only last a month before we revert back to our old ways (I know I did), but the motivated and determined stay on course. Wherever you are in your new year resolution plans, we’ve got a belt company that will appeal to everyone. Mission Belts adjust every 1/4” so you get the perfect fit every time, unlike traditional belts that only adjust every 1″. Combine that with the fact that they come in leather, nylon, and canvas and you’ve got yourself a belt that’s ready to pamper your waistline.
If that’s not enough, Mission Belts will make you feel like a better person with the purchase of each belt. They donate a dollar from every belt to fight global poverty. To date, they’ve given over $2 million to people in over 70 countries. And yeah, it’s that belt you saw on SharkTank.

carved new year style lifestyle


We carry our phones everywhere, and use it for everything from texting, snap chatting, to paying. An individuals phone case tells you a lot about them, and it’s an accessory that should not only look good but be built to last. Carved phone cases should be on your 2018 style radar. They make unique and timeless wooden accessories for your phone; built from high quality materials, they use a lot of what are typically discarded pieces of wood and remnant pieces in their production. Giving you an authentic and one of a kind accessory that will be sure to turn heads whenever you’re on your phone.

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