Clothing Essentials For Your Spring Wardrobe

April is here, and that means spring! That means longer days, more sunlight and warmer weather for all. It also means that it’s time to pack up your winter wardrobe and make room for the new season. Whether it’s tops, bottoms, bags, or accessories, we’ve compiled a list of brands that will provide you with wardrobe essentials for your spring style.

coalatree outdoor essential


From mountain to city, we’ve found a brand that’s building an environmental stance by making efficient, ecological products for the modern day explorer. Traditional outdoor brands have solved the practical aspect of outdoor gear but are slow to adapt to the trend towards merging fashion with functional wear. From flannels, to bottoms and rain jackets, Coalatree is creating timeless goods that you use and pack away for the spring.

Corso Spring Style

Corso produces premium goods for busy professionals. All products are made in collaboration with top designers, professional organizations, and talented craftsmen. In a day and age where we’re all glued to our phones, it’s important to disconnect and take in the present and the tangible. Sticking a old-fashioned pen to a pad, their have been studies that have shown increased productivity and happiness when professionals slow down and surrender their smartphones. Corso, the creators behind The Mindful Notebook, is on a mission to make sure everyone is starting each day with the proper mindset to reach their goals and fulfill their objectives.

barbell denim spring style

Barbell Denim

Barbell Apparel’s mission is to inspire you to reach your full physical potential. Your fitness isn’t about what you do today. It’s the result of what you are willing to do every day. They apply the same relentless dedication in developing flawless athletic fits and cutting-edge technical fabrics, culminating in workout clothing and casual wear that is far greater than the sum of it’s parts. In a day and age where we strive to be more than average, our clothing should be too. If you’re trying to achieve your summer body or change your mindset to being more productive and living life with more intention, check out Barbell Apparel for your new wardrobe this spring.

proof eyewear spring style

Proof Eyewear

Spring brings more sunlight! We say blessed. It’s important to protect your eyes from the sun and look good simultaneously. With tons of eyewear options out there, what differentiates one from the other? For us at Retail Rundown, we’re always on the look out for brands that incorporate a sustainable cause to their products. We found one! Proof focuses on creating eco-friendly eyewear made from unique materials such as wood, and recycled aluminum with over 50 designs to choose from. Check out their Do Good Program where they’ve donated thousands of dollars and maps out their past, current and future projects.

carved spring style


Need a new phone case? How about a wallet for your new autumn wardrobe? Better yet, these products are made of raw materials, straight from the source. The beautiful artwork on their product encompasses the great outdoors, from mountain ranges, to animals to water passes. Founded late in 2011 by John Webber, Carved has sought out to create a unique product and experience as a way to break out from the mundane “factory mould” of life. 

mission belt new year style lifestyle

Mission Belts

Need to hold your pants up this spring? We’ve got a belt company that will appeal to everyone. Yes, everyone! Mission Belts adjust every 1/4” so you get the perfect fit every time, unlike traditional belts that only adjust every 1″. Combine that with the fact that they come in leather, nylon, and canvas and you’ve got yourself a belt that’s ready to pamper your waistline. Check these guys out for your new spring wardrobe, they’re got belts ranging from different metals and materials.

breton bag spring style essential

Breton Bag Company

The creators of the modern day briefcase, Breton Company is creating timeless bags for the professional and stylish man. Their products take into account the necessities that the everyday man carries (laptop, charger, notebook, pens, passport, etc), and has created a slim profile that houses all of your goods in an organized and easy to find manner. There’s no wonder that they raised over $240,000 on Kickstarter! Whether you need a new bag for your commute or travels, you need to check these guys out!

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