6 Brands You Need to Check Out for Your Next Fall Adventure

Looking to go on a fall adventure? We’ve found some amazing brands that will provide you with everything that you need from roughing it in the woods to spending an evening in your trailer. Whether it’s preparing hearty meals or storing all of your outdoor essentials in a reliable backpack, you’re going to want to continue reading.

BeOutfitter Outdoor Adventure


Highly functional and modern in design we’ve created a versatile pack that conforms to your lifestyle—whether heading to the crag, travelling the globe, or dawn patrolling a surf session, they’ve got you and your belongings covered. The Tahquitz and Cabrillo were built to discover.

Peak ReFuel Outdoor Gear Essential

Peak ReFuel

Campers, hikers, hunters, and all other outdoor enthusiast want to be at their best. That means not compromising on the fuel they put in their body.  Remember – what you eat matters! Peak Refuel premium meals are formulated to deliver the fantastic taste you would expect on any adventure. With at least 20 grams of protein per serving and 100% real meal, Peak Refuel has taken all the necessary steps in creating the highest quality and most convenient freeze-dried meals on the market.

Lamo Footwear Outdoor Essential


Lamo Footwear is a premier California comfort brand with a focus on year-round products including slippers, boots, casual, & other fashionable footwear. if you’re looking at taking the van or trailer out for an adventure, we’d recommend getting a pair of Lamo slippers to lounge in.

LuminAid Outdoor Gear Essential


LuminAID is the world’s first creator of pack-flat solar lanterns and phone chargers. Durable, waterproof, and tested for extreme conditions, LuminAID lanterns are designed for camping, backpacking, kayaking, emergency prep, backyards, pools, and anywhere light is useful. LuminAID supports safe light for those in need around the world. They’ve created a  “Give Light, Get Light program“, and have given more than 50,000 solar lanterns and chargers to families in need in more than 100 countries around the world.

Indosole Outdoor Gear Essential


Indosole represents a lifestyle of resourceful creation. They’re on a mission to salvage tires and other waste materials to give them new life as fashionable and functional goods. They use materials that are consciously sourced from the islands of Indonesia. The soles of there shoes are derived from old tires that are salvaged directly from landfills, sanitized, and transformed into brand new products. They pride themselves on using organic manufacturing processes without the use of fuel powered machines—just strong hands and minds.

Haxford Outdoor Wallet Essential


Haxford is dedicated to providing products that have been designed and manufactured with the utmost level of craftsmanship. Haxford is focused on two things; People and Products. They care about their customers and employees and the high-quality products that they produce.  They’re in an endless hunt to find the finest luxury leathers and durable materials to fabricate their pieces. The perfect addition to keep all of your credit cards and valuables while you’re off adventuring!

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