7 Brands You Need to Take on Your Next Outdoor Adventure

The end of February is upon us, and for some of us, we’ve begun to reap the benefits of warm weather and sunshine. You know what that means. An uptake in weather calls for an uptake in the number of adventures to be had this year. Whether you’re looking to go on your next hike, bike ride, or camping trip, we’ve compiled a list of 7 brands that provide anything from clothing essentials to necessary accessories to nutritional food musts.

coalatree outdoor essential


From mountain to city, we’ve found a brand that’s building an environmental stance by making efficient, ecological products for the modern day explorer. Traditional outdoor brands have solved the practical aspect of outdoor gear but are slow to adapt to the trend towards merging fashion with functional wear. Coalatree is creating timeless goods that pack away and grow with you whenever you need them.

chums eyewear outdoor adventure


Need some shade from the sun or durable eyewear to get you through your fishing trips to hiking expeditions? Well we’ve got a brand for you. Chums are the makers of the original eyewear retainer, modern adventure gear, and accessories to help you hang on to what matters most. You can also be proud of the craftsmanship and quality because thousands of units are still being produced daily in their original factory in Hurricane, UT.

munk pack outdoor adventure

Munk Pack

All that adventuring sure works up an appetite. We’ve found an option that’s healthy, portable, and delicious for all of you busy, on-the-go adventurers. Back in 2014, the founders of Munk Pack needed a product that was minimally processed, and packed with wholesome ingredients. Today, their product offering has over five Oatmeal Fruit SqueezeTM flavors and four Protein Cookies. They’re dedicated to creating high-quality delicious, plant-based, gluten-free fuel for all life’s adventures. Go give your taste buds a treat, and check them out!

ogden made outdoor adventure

Ogden Made

Their bags are made to be different. Inspired by the outdoors, Ogden Made is not only creating timeless bags that complement your outdoor adventure with durable stitching and great colours, they’re also reducing waste that the retail industry is notoriously known for. When we first learned about the brand, it was to our surprise that they kept it “Old School,” meaning each of there bags were hand made and not from traditional factories. The attention to detail and quality starts with the first cut and finishes with a final stitch by their skilled artisans.

indosole outdoor adventure


What’s better than adventuring while simultaneously saving lives? Not a whole lot! Indosole is a footwear lifestyle brand that is on a mission to salvage tires and other waste materials by giving them new life as fashionable and functional goods. The business model stems from the purpose of eliminating waste tires that pollute the land, clog rivers and drains, and wreaks havoc on the beautiful land of Indonesia. They believe that these tires can be put to better use. The soles of their shoes are derived from old tires that are salvaged directly from landfills, sanitized, and transformed into brand new products. To date, they’ve saved 1 million waste tires from landfills and have provided jobs to the local community by using organic manufacturing processes instead of fuel powered machines! 

skye mountain co outdoor adventure lifestyle

Skye Mountain Co.

Looking for headwear to shade yourself from the rays of the sun? Check out this brand that has over 30+ designs to choose from. The inception of Skye Mountain Co. was spawned from a husband and wife duo, that have an immense love for anything outdoors and obviously hats. It all started from Alex’s love of wearing hats. He eats, plays, works and basically sleeps in them. He always felt he was unable to find comfortable hats, with simple styles (like him). So why not start designing his own he thought. With endless sketches and ideas, they combined the outdoors, things they love, and the beautiful places all around the world that they feel some of the best adventures await.


Grayers outdoor adventure


Before denim, before chinos, there were Grayers. The inspiration behind the name came about when Peter Georgiou, Grayers founder, a 12-year Ralph Lauren veteran, and veritable history buff, was reading about Britain in the 1930’s. Young men switched from wearing three-piece suits to gray flannel trousers, commonly known as Grayers. And the casual menswear movement was born. With a refined outdoorsy feel, Grayers is rewriting the classics with the best quality, redefined and modernized. 

 Featured image credit: Travis Denny Media

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