7 Outdoor Active Brands Inspired by Earth Day

Happy Earth Day RR Squad! We believe that we’re lucky to be surrounded by beautiful mother nature. Earth day is a day dedicated to celebrating and promoting environmental protection. The ability to access the benefits the outdoors provides us, is quite the luxury we tend to take for granted. We have the ability to soak in nature by relaxing or entrenching yourself in the “thick of it.” Whether you’re mountain biking, hiking trails, going for bike rides or taking in breath taking views, we want to showcase 7 brands that want you to get outdoors and celebrate Earth Day this whole week. #EarthWeek

SP2 earth week giveaway


In order to tackle your Earth Week, you need to ensure you’re eating right. What’s better than staying healthy and putting the cleanest, and purest form of whole nutrition in your body? Not much, according to SP2. Harnessing the potential of fresh spirulina algae, SP2 has developed the most nutrient-dense superfood in the world—without any unpleasant flavor or texture. Whether you’re an active outdoorsman, elite athlete or weekend warrior, SP2’s fresh spirulina packs the highest concentration of nutrients. Loaded with vegan and GMO-free proteins, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and essential nutrients to support any health, wellness or fitness goals you want to achieve this year. 

bizzy coffee earth week

Bizzy Coffee

Need an extra boost to your Earth Week activities? Caffeine tends to be our reliable go to. If you’re someone who’s always on the run, or getting out of the city to enjoy the mountains, Bizzy Coffee is just for you. They’ve got Organic Cold Brew Double Shots, brewed extra strong so they can keep your busy life going. Bizzy Double Shots are cold brewed, 0 calories, 0 sugar and contain the equivalent of two espresso shots of caffeine in each bottle. We tend to shoot it straight for healthy and convenient energy, but we also recommend mixing with water and your favorite ingredients to make a tasty cold brew beverage.

Ridgemont Outfitters Earth Week brand

Ridgemont Outfitters

Ridgemont Outfitters is an outdoor shoe and clothing company fueled by a desire to be able to go anywhere and do anything. They want to create something that can withstand use on all outdoor terrains (waterproof breathability & lugged outsoles for maximum grip), but still look great around town. 

Lifestraw water bottle earth week brand


Hydrating is extremely important. Water fuels our body to move and tackle any terrain. But did you know that 633 million people don’t have access to an improved drinking water source in the world? A necessity we take for granted isn’t available for a huge share of humanity across the globe. What if we told you that with one purchase, you could provide safe drinking water to a child for an entire year? Say hello to LifeStraw. LifeStraw products make contaminated water safe to drink through tech innovation and product quality and design. Boasting a line up of modern outdoor, lifestyle, and aid products, LifeStraw come highly recommended this Earth Day.

westcomb earth week giveaway


If your Earth Day adventures include hiking, climbing, skiing, boarding, or biking, you need gear that keeps you drier, warmer, or cooler, while not restricting your movement.  Based in Vancouver, Westcomb, operates on a design-to-production model that allows them to be innovative, responsible and fair in the creation of world class apparel. In real time. Inspired by the great Canadian outdoors, Westcomb offers technical shells, performance apparel and bottoms for all that mother nature can offer. 

Slidebelts earth week giveaway


When you’re on the go this Earth Week, you need to practical and fashionable accessories that can keep up with your day. Keep up your pants even. Built on the belief that simplicity and style can be achieved from innovation in simple, subtle, stylish, wearable technology, SlideBelts has been refined with over 5 generations of product evolution. They continue to grow because of their distinct collection of ratchet belts and buckles. They’re redefining what a belt is, and allowing you to express your own unique style. Pick one up for Earth Week!

Ogden Made Earth Week Giveaway

Ogden Made

With all of these Earth Day activities happening throughout your week, you’re going to need a stylish bag that houses all of your outdoor essentials. Inspired by mother nature, Ogden Made is not only creating timeless bags that complement your outdoor adventure with high quality products. While simultaneously reducing waste this brand keeps it “Old School,” meaning each of there bags are hand made and not from traditional factories. Their best seller, The Two Bit Klettersack is our favourite, and comes in 8 different colours!

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