9 Outdoor Brands You Need For Your Next Adventure

If you’re a true outdoor enthusiast, the adventuring never stops. Whether it’s planning your next camping trip, hike or photography expedition with friends, having the gear to get you through that adventure makes it that much more memorable. We’ve compiled a list of brands that you need to check out before you jet set on your next adventure.

power practical outdoor essential

Power Practical

Power Practical are crafters of innovative power and lighting gear. Focusing on function, versatility, and value, they’re continually developing innovative & effective products that shape how the world views and uses power in their daily lives. A cool fact about Power Practical is that they were funded by Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban on Shark Tank in 2014.


Whether you’re hiking, camping, or travelling abroad, having access to fresh water is necessary. PURINIZE® naturally disinfects and clarifies water from any freshwater source without bad-tasting chemicals disinfectants. This means you can have great-tasting drinking water anywhere. Better yet, Its 100% natural, mineral-based formula offers the broadest range of protection against contaminants including pathogens, chemicals, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and more. This is an outdoor essential everyone needs.

coalatree outdoor essential


Traditional outdoor brands have solved the practical aspect of outdoor gear but are slow to adapt to the trend towards merging fashion with functional wear. Coalatree is creating timeless goods that pack away and grow with you whenever you need them. From mountain to city, they’re building an environmental brand by making efficient, ecological products for the modern day explorer.

lems shoes outdoor essential

Lems Shoes

The Boulder-based company, Lems Shoes, promotes the minimalist lifestyle. Through anatomical, lightweight, and flexible designs, their products aim to defy the norms of contemporary footwear by allowing the foot to act naturally with no restrictions. From mountaintop to coffee shop, their collapsible and packable products are perfect for your next adventure.

king and fifth outdoor essential

King & Fifth

King & Fifth Supply co. creates stylish headwear and apparel that flows seamlessly into your lifestyle. They strive to be your go-to source when outfitting your casual workday and off-hours attire by providing hats that are designed with the mindset of style and function. Keep warm and look good for your winter adventures in and out of the city. It’s officially beanie season.

icemule cooler outdoor essential


Somewhere along the line we were led to believe a cooler must be a box. Something you sit on. Something you have to lift with all of your might. But that’s no way to live. ICEMULE set out not to start a company, but to start a quest; to change the cooler as we know it. Breaking the boundaries and beliefs on what coolers should do and where coolers should be able to go. ICEMULE coolers redefine cold, are softer, stronger, lighter and can be strapped onto your back with comfort and convenience.

matador outdoor essential


Designed with adventuring in mind, Matador has solved the problem of overpacking and carrying excess gear that weighs you down on hikes, camping trips and travelling abroad. Carrying a breadth of products ranging from backpacks, camera gear and accessories that pack down to the size of your palm, Matador makes our list of outdoor essential brands.

Shine vessel outdoor essential

Shine Vessel

Shine Vessels are designed from top craft brewers looking to keep their suds as fresh as possible. The stainless steel container features details like a deep threaded closure for an airtight seal that’ll stay locked for up to 30 days, perfect for any extended adventure. With a vacuum insulation, double-wall construction their growlers keep your liquids hot for up to ten hours, and cold for up to one full day.

Nomadik outdoor essential


The Nomadik carefully curates monthly themes around adventured-approved gear, unique and multi-functional goods to enhance your outdoor experience. Their goal is to motivate people to get outside by delivering gear and inspirational/educational items to help people find the best places to explore. Venture into the outdoors.

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