Chums Original Eyewear Retainers Review

Sick of your sunglasses bouncing around or falling off your face while you’re fly fishing, running or bending down and cleaning around the campsite? Does that sound like you?

Problem solved. The easily adjustable Chums Original retainer is the product that put Chums on the map. Bought and sold to over millions of outdoor enthusiasts, most of them agree:

“It is ideal for all forms of action, be it on water, land, snow, or in the air. The original cotton eyeglass retainer has it all: quality, comfort, and the ability to fit most standard frames.”

Chums eyewear retainer

Chums Original Eyewear Retainer Features:

  • Fits standard-sized frames
  • Bead adjusts for superb fit
  • Hand wash with mild soap. Rinse thoroughly. Stretch to original length.
  • Made in the USA
  • Customization available
  • Length: 14.5″
  • Usable length: 25″
  • Weight without packaging: 0.4 oz.
Chums eyewear retainer case
Chums Eyewear Retainer Case.

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